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Road - Johnsonville

This is one the longest runs for those who are marathon training.  Good luck to anyone doing the full 34kms.  See map below.

To help lend a little moral support those going the full way round, others will do a shorter out and back route from Johnsonville.  See map at the bottom.  Your distance and pace will of course vary depending on your own preference and speed.

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRun


Marathon Training Group, to meet at 6:30am in Johnsonville.

Everyone else, meet at 8:00am at Huia Pool, to car share to Johnsonville.  Target run/walk start time 8:30am.

There's plenty of parking at the Keith Spry Swimming Pool on Frankmore Ave.


Target finish time will be 11am, but this will be dependent on your distance choice, and when you choose to turn around.

Coffee and cake will be at the Queue Cafe (33 Johnsonville Rd) from 11am.

Car share, returning to Huia approximately 12:30.