All courses have been officially measured.  Given the way mapping software and gps watches work, they are less accurate than our physically measured method.  Please believe us when we assure you the distances are correct.

Pelorus Trust RUN&WALK

Course Records

Half Marathon

Male Run: Dougal Thorburn (2015) 1:09:59

Female Run: Katie Kemp (2012) 1:23:03

Male Walk: Quentin Rew (2011) 1:49:19

Female Walk: Sue Hoskin (2010) 2:17:51


Male Run: Grant McLean (2009) 32:57

Female Run: Sara Drought (2012) 37:38

Male Walk: Daniel duToit (2017) 53:32

Female Walk: Ruth Humble (2009) 1:00:51

Black_and_white_with_shoe_outline.jpgThe Pelorus Trust RUN&WALK is organised by the Hutt Valley Runners, a running club located in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.