Why do I need specific training shoes?

Without a doubt, your running shoes are the most important items in your running wardrobe. There are four main reasons why the correct pair of running shoes is important:


Running shoes cushion the foot and spine from the high-impact forces involved in running. This is especially important when running on hard surfaces like pavements, tracks and treadmills.


Each person’s foot is different and each person’s running style is different. Due to this varying bio-mechanical make up, different styles of running shoes provide different types of support in order help runners avoid potential injuries.


Every sport or physical activity has its risks and running is no different. Running shoes help to protect the foot from the inherent hazards of running, especially when it takes places on hard and/or uneven surfaces. Off-road shoes have extra protection that keeps the foot safe from the debris that is common on outdoor trails.


Running shoes provide the grip you need to help propel you forward efficiently and safely. Different types of shoes are also adapted to be used on different types of running surfaces, thereby providing you with the most traction possible.

Having the right shoes can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort, between getting a personal best or not and even between a safe run and a serious injury. Click here for information on choosing the best shoe for your needs.