Beat those post-marathon blues

Finishing your marathon can lead to a big let-down.  Here are some strategies that will help.

Expect it

Whe you go from four moths of training to being without a plan or big goal, there will be a void, and you may feel a sense of loss.  Simply expectin this and knowing that it's normal is solid first step in getting through it.

Make some different plans

Avoid filling the space with more running events.  This can lead to overtraining, injury, and burnout.  Instead, plan a vacation or another activity the week or two after your rae to give youself something to look forward to.

Make the most of your downtime

Fill in some of your new free time with activities you haven't been able to enjoy while trianing for the marathon.  Get out on your bike, rent a kayak, or play some tennis.

Set new goals

If you struggled to put in training for your marathon, you might want to taret a shorter distance.  If pre-race jitters threw you off, race a few 5ks to calm thos butterflies.