Running shoes come in bewildering range of types, made by a growing number of manufacturers, for a wide range of prices.  Here's our guide to what you need to know...


Why do I need specific training shoes for running?

Without a doubt, your running shoes are the most important items in your running wardrobe. There are four main reasons why the correct pair of running shoes is important.


Different types of runnings shoes explained

Running shoes fall into one of several categories depending on their structure and intended use.


How to choose the best running shoe for your needs

There are plenty of running shoes to choose from; a multitude of brands, styles and colours all vying for your attention. So which do you choose?

First you need to understand the type of foot and running style you have. Any imbalance in your posture, stance or walking style can be magnified when running.


How to tell when your running shoes need replacing

As a general rule, running shoes need replacing once you have covered about 500 miles in them. However, there are a number of factors that will influence exactly when your shoes will wear out, such as; your build, your running style or gait, the surface you normally run on and the type of shoe.

Over time the cushioning and support in running shoes start to reduce. If you continue to run in worn-out shoes then the impact forces of running on your joints and muscles are magnified and the risk of injury increases.


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