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Member's Results
Chris wins a silver medal at the NZ Marathon Champs - Auckland Marathon...
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Member's Results
Find out how our members go on... including an age grade win in the half!
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Member's Results
Member's results from the 2015 Aurora Handicap Marathon.
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Member's Results
At Rotorua on Saturday, fifteen members successfully completed the marathon run, marathon walk, half marathon run and quarter marathon walk. Well done everyone!
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Member's Results
The day started cool with a temperature of 7 degrees at 6:25am, along with good cloud cover for the first half of the event, made for great conditions. However after the mid-way point, the day started to heat up to a warm 20oC, but a light breeze on the home ward leg made for ideal conditions.
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Member's Results
Results from the New Plymouth Marathon 7th March 2015
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Hutt Valley River Trail Marathon - January 2014

Malcolm Gray;    5h-22m-40s  1st Male walker
Chris Leahy;       5h-31m-53s  1st Female walker
Mike Leahy;       6h-02m-42s
Mel Tuineau;      6h-23m-59s
Steven Tubbs;    6h-29n-18s

Ultra marathon run;
Clive Start;      6h-45m-05s

Flying Pink Marathon - December 2013

Geoff Laws;     4h-29m-23s (run)
Murray Thessman first marathon (walk) 6h-37m-01s
Chris Leahy;     5h-33m-13s
Mike Leahy;     6h-14m-01s
Steven Tubbs;  6h-37m-40s
Mel Tuineau;     7h-05m-37s.

Fielding Marathon - November 2013

Marathon Walk;
Chris Leahy;        5h-35m-40s (1st woman and 1st overall)
Mike Leahy;       6h-10m-18s ( 1st M60-64)
Steven Tubbs;   7h-06m-40s (1st M65-69)
Plus we were the winning walking team for the 8th year in a row.

Auckland Marathon - November 2013

Marathon Run;
Mel Tuineau;    6h-37m-46s

Marathon Walk;
Malcolm Gray;  5h-16m-28s
Chris Leahy;       5h-24m-10s
Mike Leahy;      6h-15m-30s

Wellington Marathon - June 2013

Clive Start;          4h-02m-03s
Pamela Bunny;  4h-28m-25s
Kathy Young;     4h-28m-30s
Shelly Hooper;  4h-38m-44s
Mel Tuineau;     6h-11m-15s
Malcolm Gray;    4h-56m-05s
Mike Leahy;         6h-01m-19s
Steven Tubbs;     7h-23m-48s

Aurora Marathon - June 2013

Brendon Quirke; 3h-12m-57s
Steven Tubbs;      6h-55m-47s
Mel Tuineau;        7h-04m-52s
Malcolm Gray;    5h-24m-48s
Mike Leahy;         6h-24m-41s

Winning team members;  Brendon, Malcolm & Mike, the HVMC has now won the Trophy eight times out of twenty four. Plus have won it for the last seven years in a row.

Rotorua Marathon - May 2013

Pam Bunney;      4h-34m-32s
Mel Tuineau;       6h-43m-11s   This was Mel’s 100th Marathon!!
Malcolm Gray;     6h-43m-07s
Mike Leahy;        6h-20m-35s
Steven Tubbs;    7h-07m-03s
Tony Plowman;   3h-27m-13s  
Kathy Young;      4h-35m-56s
Chris Leahy;       5h-12m-59s
Geoff Laws;        5h-59m-15s
Shelly Hooper;    4h-59m-31s
Andrew Ng;         5h-25m-08s

Waitarere Great Forest Marathon - April 2013

Malcolm Gray;    5h-18m-04s   1st Male walker and 1st in age group M50-54
Chris Leahy;      5h-22m-47s   3rd Female walker and 2nd in age group W60-64
Mike Leahy;       6h-27m-44s    1st in age group M60-64
Mel Tuineau;      6h-40m-42s    (runner)
Steven Tubbs;    6h-45m-33s   (runner)


Chris Leahy completes 150 marathons at Feilding on 8 Novemer 2014.  The first female Kiwi pensioner, and third ever Kiwi woman!

Recognition Policy

We will recognise the achievements of our members in ways that are meaningful to them.

We're always keen to learn more about your goals, and support you to achieve them.

Trophies will be awarded to members who complete their first, twenty fifth, fiftieth, one hundredth and one hundred and fiftieth marathons.