There will be two Club Championship categories. Run and Walk.

Only Qualifying Races will be included.  Where distance options exist at a particular event, only the specified distance will be included in the championship.

To encourage greater participation, an additional 3 Participation Points will be awarded to a member finishing a qualifying race, irrespective of position.

To allow fair comparison, times will be adjusted for gender, and age.

For each qualifying race, points will be awarded on a sliding scale to relative position compared with other members. 1st = 30, 2nd=29, 3rd=28, etc.

Chip times will be used wherever recorded. Gun times will be used in all other cases.

While Club events do not require registration, all other Qualifying Races are ‘open’ events for which members are responsible for their own entry and participation.

All races must be entered and raced in your own name. Races run under other names will not count.

Race wearing club uniform as prominently as practical.