Running Packs

Our running packs range in pace from 4.45 up to 6k - we try to cater for everyone so that people are comfortable in the pace that they are in.  We explore right through the Hutt Valley and it is an excellent way to discover new routes and different parts of the Hutt Valley.  At least once a month we have an "away" run where we may travel to Upper Hutt, Wellington or some other part of the greater Hutt region to explore new places.  We experiment on all the different terrains, road, hills and trails - there is always something new to be discovered.  Generally we run between 15 - 20km on a Sunday morning but there are always drop off points around our courses for people to turn back if they don't feel they are up to this kind of distance.

Walking Packs

We have a walking group each Sunday. We try to mix up our walks between on the flat and in the hills and on or off the road/footpath. Generally we all start out together and some choose to make a variation along the way depending on what they are focused on (weeks before a marathon or recovering after, or don't like hills/offroad!)  At certain points around the coarse we regroup to allow for different speeds. Walks are generally 9-12 km.  It is a great way to learn of a lot more routes around the Hutt Valley.