Your Committee

These are some of the people that volunteer thier time to and effort to run the club, and make it better.  If you have any ideas on how to improve things, please email us, we want to hear from you...


Mark Potter

President:  I'm incredibly proud of our club.  Passion, shared goals and mutual support are the key ingredients that keep our club together.  I'm currently enjoying more of the unique off road events around NZ.


Janette Gwilliam

Secretary:  I started running in 2010, and am proud to say that thanks to the HVMC I have completed four marathons.  The club offers such good support and assistance with obtaining your goals.  There is such a wide variety of people and personalities that I have been lucky to make some great friends in the process.


Mark Newlands



Tony Plowman

Race Director:  I live in the Hutt Valley with my wife and our two beautiful girls.  Apart from running, my interests include brewing homemade ales and spending time with my family.  My traditional distance is the marathon but I am looking forward to shorter distance races over the next few years and free up time to learn a new language.


Murray Thessman

I have never been a runner and I'm new to club walking.  I enjoy discussing ideas and don't mind asking questions. I am exploring the techie bits like GPS and apps.  I have walked 2 half marathons and the Oxfam 100km.  I really enjoy the social nature of HVMC, the support, and all the new tracks on our door step.


Barb Morrison


Brendan Quirke

I've been running since my school days, and have completed many marathons, with my best time just under 2hrs 50mins.  A favourite event was the Everest Marathon which involved walking up to base camp, and running down the World's highest mountain through the snow.  I also enjoy tramping and skiing.


Ken Howell

Race Director:


David O'Sullivan

Annual General Meeting


Annual Awards

Each year we award three trophies to deserving club members.  Click these links to find out more about each award.

To nominate a current club member, please fill in the the Nomination Form and send it to the Secretary.  Awards are presented at the AGM.

Forms & Downloads

To find out more about how the club is set up and run, take a look at our Constitution.

Use the Mileage_Claim_Form to be reimbursed for using your vehicle on pre-approved club travel.